How can you keep your liver healthy? Diet for healthy liver

There are many important organs found in our body, out of which the name of liver also comes. We also call the liver a detoxer because, It acts as a detoxifier in our body, which means that it filters out harmful substances from our body. Not only this, but the liver also helps in digesting food and doing the process of metabolism properly. That’s why it is very important that our liver is healthy, otherwise we can become a victim of many serious diseases. 

Now it comes to how we can keep our liver healthy.For this we can follow some healthy measures in our daily life. In today’s article, we will discuss some important measures to keep the liver healthy.  

Ways to keep liver healthy

1.) Disciplined lifestyle

Be sure to keep in mind that your lifestyle has to be disciplined. For this, not only is enough sleep necessary, but it is also necessary to have every work on its own time. No matter how busy you are in your whole day, you have to take at least 6 hours of sleep for a healthy body and mind.

To keep our body organs functioning properly, it is necessary to give rest to the body along with work. Don’t  work continuously sitting in one position at one place. Took a break every half hour during your work. 

2.) Abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes

If you smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol, it can cause severe liver damage in a short period of time. That’s why I completely stopped consuming alcohol and cigarettes.

People who consume alcohol on a daily basis are at a higher risk of damaged liver.

Drug addiction not only harms the body but it also harms mental health a lot. Therefore, taking care of your health, don’t consume alcohol, cigarettes or any other similar substances at all. These are considered the biggest enemies of the liver.

 3.) Take care of fitness

It is completely true that the aggregation of extra fat inside the body is like inviting numerous diseases. Excess fat not only increases obesity but it also affects the proper functioning of the liver. This can also cause problems like fatty liver. 

That’s why it is very important to take care of your body’s fitness. For this we can do exercise. 

Waking up every morning and taking a walk in the fresh air not only helps in burning excess fat but also refreshes mental health . Exercise for the communication of energy in the body and along with this also adopt yoga asanas.

4.) Give up junk food

Although junk meals such as pizza, burgers, soft drinks, chowmein etc. are very tasty, immoderate consumption of them can cause harm to the liver. Actually, a lot of sugar is observed in junk meals and soft drinks.

When a person consumes these things, then there is accumulation of fat in his body. The liver has to do excess work to separate these fats from the blood and for right digestion. If these meals are eaten up continuously, then the working ability of the liver is affected.

As a result, it turns out that their excessive use can cause liver damage. Therefore it is mandatory to avoid this problem. So capitulate junk food and cold drinks today for liver sake.

5.) Eat a balanced diet

To keep your liver healthy, it is not only important to avoid junk food but it is also necessary to keep your diet balanced.

We have to include such things in our food plan which are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Along with this, it is also necessary to have breakfast in the morning. We can eat porridge for breakfast in the morning. Along with this, drinking juices of fruits and vegetables can also be very beneficial for the liver.

Fish, lentils and other green vegetables can also be consumed in lunch and dinner. 

6.) Consume Green Tea

As we know, the liver does the work of keeping the body away from toxins.Therefore, to keep the liver healthy, not only you have to give up on unhealthy things but also you have to take healthy things in your diet. 

Green tea is considered a detoxifier or filter. If we start our day with green tea, then it can be very beneficial for the liver. 

Green tea helps in eliminating excess fat stored in the body. Due to this, the liver also gets an assistant, so that the liver does not have to do much work. People who suffer from fatty liver or obesity must consume green tea.

What to eat

The major function of our liver is to remove harmful substances from the body. If we consume such things that help the liver to function, then the liver can be kept healthy for a long time. There are some things by which we can keep our liver healthy. Let us see that by eating which things we can keep our liver fit for a long time-

1.) Consume Garlic

Garlic acts as a natural detoxifier which stimulates the liver to function smoothly.

2.) Eat beetroot

Beet not only helps in increasing the blood in the body but it also affects the functionality of the liver.

Beta carotene is found in beet which helps in keeping the functioning of the liver smooth. We can eat beetroot in the form of salad. Along with this, drinking beetroot juice is also beneficial for the body. Consuming beetroot daily can also protect the liver from unwanted damage.


3.) Use lemon

An important element called D-limonene is found in lemon, which plays an important role in activating liver cells.

4.) Consume turmeric

Turmeric works to repair damaged liver cells. This helps in liver regeneration and improves liver function.

5.) Eat apples

Apple helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. Apple has also many benefits for the body.

6.) Eat walnuts

Walnuts are rich in amino acids. The amino acid plays an important role in the elimination of harmful toxins from the body. It is also rich in elements called omega three fatty acids and glutathione. That’s why it is very beneficial for the liver. In this way, walnuts can be consumed to keep the liver healthy.


7.) Eat avocado

A research conducted by the American Chemical Society has revealed that some important chemicals are found in avocado which protect the liver from damage. Along with this, an element called glutathione is also found in abundance in it, which detoxifies the liver and increases its working capacity. In this way, avocado can remove any kind of problem in the liver and help in keeping it healthy for a long time.


In today’s fast paced life, keeping oneself healthy seems like a challenge in itself. Actually today we have become so busy that in such a situation we are unable to take out time to keep ourselves healthy. 

It may be that we blame ourselves for not having time to keep ourselves healthy, but it actually harms our health. Yes, when we are not able to keep our body healthy, then our body parts are also unable to do their work properly. That’s why it is very important to take care of your health. For this we can choose exercise and a balanced diet. It is very important to keep your liver healthy in order to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body. 

We have discussed some important measures to keep the liver healthy. In this article, We hope that this article will prove useful for you.

In this article we have discussed some important measures to keep the liver healthy. By adopting these remedies, we can stay healthy day by day, but keep one thing in mind that if you have any kind of allergy or you are undergoing any treatment, then medical consultation is necessary before adopting any remedy.

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