We all want a happy life for ourselves. We go to a good school; learn a lot of knowledge from there. After that, we go to college and complete our masters and bachelors and then we do a good job according to our skills and educational basis… what after then? We continue that schedule in our life on a daily basis.

But is this something you really want in your life? Then you suddenly explore the concept of travelling. Travel is something which everyone needs in their lives, either what is the purpose of all your hard work and earning so much money !!

If you are in a young age group you should have no problem travelling or roaming anywhere in the world. But if your age is more than 50 then there are some physical and mental limitations that occur.

The travel types

There are many types of travel and its goal like:

  1. If you want some peace in your life then you can go somewhere where you don’t have any city noise or disturbance  in surroundings.
  1. If you want to enjoy nature and its beauty then you should go somewhere where there is a lot of greenery and natural beauty, animals and biodiversity.
  1. If you are so energetic and full of life and in your youth then you should go somewhere where you have to do a lot of physical activities, running, climbing, trekking  or walking like you can go to some mountain city.
  1. If you want to enjoy the beauty of sea, ocean and beaches then you should definitely check out some sea and lake cities.

What happens when you travel?

Any physical activities make some changes in our body such as:

  • When you walk too much, climb on a mountain, do trekking  or run while you’re travelling then you get a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue.
  • Travelling to your favourite place makes your mood good and gives you enough kick to make dopamine & excess amounts of dopamine makes you excited, depressed, chills and sad also.
  • When you have to travel a very long distance then you have to spend so much time in the bus, car or train. Continuing sitting in the bus, train or car can make you feel low, give you a feeling of dizziness and give you a headache.
  • When you want to go to some seaside or some beach area then you enjoy it a lot, but for a long period of time staying in water can make your skin dry, give you burns or some lung irritation.

So you travelled all the places and one thing you’d have noticed that there is one thing common while you travel all the places and that thing is PAIN.

Everywhere you go, wherever you go whatever you do you always have that painful feeling at the end of your day. Even if it was going to a mountain for a trekking or going to beaches to swim, every task you do you spend a lot of energy on and you get the feeling of pain.

The bones likewise want time to reply to new stress. When bones see multiplied quantities of stress, such as an amplification in going for walks when getting ready for a marathon, they reply with the aid of inserting greater bone in the areas of the bone that are seeing extra stress. This response is known as redesigning and strengthens the bone.

However, if the place of bone sees stress too fast, the bone will truly start to fail. The first signal of this stress response is ache alongside the bone, which happens with activity. As the state of affairs worsens, a stress fracture can develop. This may also result in a limp and even ache at night. If untreated the bone can definitely break, which can be an extreme injury.

After taking part in some type of strenuous bodily activity, especially something new to your body, it is frequent to journey to muscle soreness.

Should you stop travelling?

No!! We didn’t say that after reading this article you should unpack your backpack and sit at your home quietly. No one can do that or it also not be needed. You can not carry a doctor with you while travelling but you can very easily carry an oil which gives you relief from all types of body pain.

marcogesic oil is something that all you need for your travel partner. marcogesic oil is an allopathic medication containing peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and linseed oil alongside with different components that work as an ache reliever, irritation reducer & additionally keep pores and skin healthy. marcogesic oil is an innovation in ache management. It offers a magic contact to relieve pain.

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