What is kidney stone? Reason, symptoms and prevention

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What is kidney stone?

It is very common to have kidney stones nowadays. It can be diagnosed and treated easily yet you need to be aware of this growing disease. It is important for you to know what are the reasons for having a stone and how to know that there is no stone in the body. Actually this stone is made from a combination of minerals and salt. Their size can be small or big. Many times these small stones come out through our urine. If these stones get stuck somewhere inside the kidney or urinary tract, they cause very severe pain. Let’s find out what are the reasons and symptoms of kidney stones. 

What are the causes of kidney stones?

Kidney and ureteral stones can happen to anyone. Under normal circumstances, urine maintains a chemical balance in urine but certain factors trigger the formation of stones.

Common causes of kidney stones

Given below are the causes of kidney stones:

  • family history
  • Lack of sufficient amount of fluid makes urine concentrated and dark. Minerals are unable to dissolve and may crystallise into stones
  • A high-protein diet increases the acid content of urine, which increases the chances of stone formation.
  • If your diet is high in protein and sodium and low in calcium, you may still have kidney stones.
  • High intake of food rich in oxalate such as green leafy vegetables (such as spinach), dried fruits, chocolate and tea
  • Bowel disorders such as chronic diarrhoea, gastric problems and Crohn’s disease
  • obesity
  • Blocked urinary tract due to benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Hyperthyroidism, also a result of an overproduction of calcium in the urine

When the body absorbs more calcium from the foods we eat, a condition called absorption hypercalciuria also results in stone formation.

Another condition characterised by resorptive hypercalciuria characterised by kidneys secreting excess calcium into the urine.

Other reasons of stone in kidney:

1- Family- If someone in your family has a kidney stone, then it increases your risk of getting stone. If you had  some kidney stones before, there is a very high chance that it will occur in the near future.

2- Drinking water- Some people drink less water which is harmful for health.Drinking less amount of water throughout the whole day leads to kidney stones. You should drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water a day.

3- Food- If you do not take care of food and drink and include excessive amounts of protein, salt and sugar in the diet, then it increases the risk of kidney stones. 

4- Obesity- obesity is the cause of almost every disease of our body. Due to obesity, the body mass index and waist dimension amplify greatly. This increases the risk of kidney stones. So keep the weight under control.

5- Surgery and disease-– If you have had any surgical operation or if you are already struggling from any sickness then the threat of stone increases. When your physique is unable to soak up calcium and water, it will increase the probabilities of stone formation.

What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

Very small stones or stones found in the kidney are usually not noticeable because those stones are passed out in the urine. Whenever a stone is growing, it rarely causes any symptoms. When they grow up and move around, the symptoms of kidney stones start to be felt.

Below are the frequent signs and symptoms of kidney stones:-

  • severe lower back ache that spreads round the decrease stomach and into the groyne
  • presence of blood in urine
  • Symptoms of dizziness, nausea and vomiting
  • High fever or chills may occur if accompanied by a urinary tract infection

Occasionally, there is an excruciating pain in the back, which most people think is caused by a muscle pull but is actually caused by a small sized kidney stone if you experience any of these symptoms consistently. If so, without any delay contact a urologist.

What is the prevention:

  • Drink more fluids.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Reduce sodium in the diet.

What not to eat:

  • Limit oxalate foods-  Oxalate is commonly found in chocolate, beets, nuts, spinach, strawberries, tea and wheat bran.
  • Eat less animal protein-  Acidic substances are high in animal protein and there is an increase in uric acid. High uric acid can lead to stone formation.

Are there different types of kidney stones?

Yes, there are many types of kidney stones. There are four types of kidney stones, about which very few people are aware. All the four types of kidney stones are described below:-

Calcium Stone: –Calcium stone is the most frequent kind of kidney stone. This kidney stone is shaped by using a mixture of chemical substances like calcium, oxalate or phosphorus. People who drink less water or take more oxalate and phosphorus diets are more prone to this problem, 80 percent of people are victims of this kidney stone.

Uric Acid Stone:Uric acid kidney stone generally found more in men than in women. This kidney stone takes place when the quantity of uric acid in urine is high. The hassle of uric acid stone is most probable due to eating a purine-rich diet. Purine is a colourless substance that is most frequently observed in animal proteins. So the man or woman who consumes extra non-vegetarian food, they are extra inclined to get uric acid stones.

Struvite stone: – Struvite stone is observed more in females than in men. Women who are struggling from urinary tract infections are most likely to get this kidney stone. Having this kidney stone ability now the urinary tract infection has advanced a lot and due to this the kidney has ended up infected. Due to this kidney stone, issues associated with urination begin increasing. To get rid of this struvite kidney stone, the first element to do is to get rid of the feasible infection.

Cystine Stone:- Cystine stone can show up in each woman and men. This kidney stone is a hereditary ailment induced by way of the leakage of cysteine ​​into the urine from the kidneys. This kidney stone is very uncommon in contrast to different kidney stones. Let us inform you that cysteine ​​is a non-essential amino acid that is necessary for making proteins and different metabolic functions. It is observed in beta-keratin. It is a fundamental protein located in nails, pores and skin and hair. Cysteine ​​is very vital for making collagen

Is there any effective ayurvedic medicine for kidney stones? 

Any kind of problem in your body can make you uncomfortable and uneasy and may affect your daily life and its performance. And when there is some stone in your kidney it is very uncomfortable, uneasy and painful for a person who is having this problem. You may get rid of the kidney stone with surgical treatments but the chance of reoccurrence of stone is higher in these treatments, whereas ayurvedic medicine 

Marc uro 5 dilutes the stone & eliminates the future possibilities of stone formation. 

Marc uro 5 is an oral and also an ayurvedic medicine which has been developed by scientists of  CSIR-NBRI & approved by Govt. of India. Marc uro 5 is prepared with natural herbs like Pashanbheda, Daruharidra, Gokshura, and Amrita & Bhuiamala. Marc uro 5 dilutes stones in the kidney causing no pain, no rashes, & no infections. Unlike surgical methods, Marc uro 5 doesn’t lead to the further formation of stones in the kidneys. 

How does Marc uro 5 work?

Marc uro 5 is a very effective ayurvedic medicine  of kidney stones. Generally all the medicine of the kidney stone only breaks your kidney stone and creates pain & some sort of wounds in your urinary tract but Marc uro 5 does not break your kidney stone besides it dilutes your kidney stone completely and removes it from your body without any pain.

Marc uro 5 is totally an ayurvedic medicine which was developed by the scientists of CSIR-NBRI in collaboration with Marc laboratories. It dilutes the kidney stone size up to 15mm very easily.

Daily use of Marc uro 5 after breakfast and dinner is a very effective way to take it. And if you want the best result then follow the diet chart and complete the full course of this medicine Marc uro 5 is a completely herbal and ayurvedic product which doesn’t have any side effects.

What are the ingredients of Marc uro 5?

Marc uro 5 is made from combination of 5 natural herbs which are-

  1. Pashanbhed 
  2. Daruharidra 
  3. Bhui Amla 
  4. Gokhru 
  5. Amrita 

The features of all these herbs:


There are many differences regarding this plant. Many scholars have considered different plants to be stony differences. The stem of this plant is short and the leaves are oval. The length of the leaves of the stone is 5-15 cm in flowering and about 30 cm in winter.


Daruharidra is a medicinal herb. You will be amazed to comprehend the advantages of Daruharidra. It is additionally acknowledged as Daru Haldi. It is very beneficial in the therapy of diabetes. It is such a herb that can correctly do away with many unhealthy fitness problems. The advantages of daruharidra are in liver cirrhosis, lowering inflammation, treating jaundice, diarrhoea, controlling diabetes, stopping cancer, treating piles, stopping menstrual problems etc. 

Bhumi Amla:

It additionally reduces gastric acid. Plus, Bhumiamla helps to prevent ulcers. Consumption of floor amla additionally reduces the threat of kidney stones. It no longer enables oxalate crystals to accumulate in the kidney. 


Gokhru is regarded as advisable in getting alleviation from kidney diseases. Gokhru Desi Treatment is regarded for kidney stones. You are advised many methods to get alleviation from kidney stone pain. But bunions can be a panacea for this. Gokhru for Diabetes is additionally viewed as beneficial. 

Amrita herb or giloy:

Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) is a kind of vine which is often observed in forests and shrubs. Giloy has been used as an Ayurvedic medication due to historical times. According to Ayurveda, all the three components of Giloy’s leaves, roots and stem are very really helpful for health, however the stem or stalk of Giloy is used the most in the remedy of diseases.

How is Marc uro 5 different from other medicines available in the market?

The medicine available in the market has a tendency to break your kidney stone and remove it from your urine. The problem in that process is that the stone which breaks by the medicine can create some damage in your internal organs like the kidney or urinary tract, which might be dangerous and can be very painful at that time. 

Marc uro 5 is not like your ordinary medicine, Marc uro 5 is made by CSIR-NBRI scientists after research of 5 years and all the clinical trials. Marc uro 5 does not break your kidney stone. It efficiently dilutes the kidney stone inside the kidney and makes it out from your body through your urine. In the process of dilution, there is no pain or any kind of adverse symptom in the body.

What is kidney detox?

In our daily lifestyle, we ate a lot of unhealthy and processed food at every hour of the day somehow. These foods have a very adverse effect on our bodies and affect our kidney function.

From time to time we have to detox our kidneys for better and improved performance. Because if our kidneys do not work properly then they can create some problems( kidney stones) inside the body.

How Marc uro 5 helps to detox the kidney?

Marc uro 5 is made from all the natural herbs which help to improve kidney function and enhance its work system. If you recently go through kidney stone surgery then it does not mean you won’t have kidney stones in near future. Marc uro 5 also helps to prevent future possibilities from occurring kidney stones. 

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