Why does back pain occur – causes and home remedies

The waist is one of the main parts of the body. It helps you to walk, run, get up, sit, sleep or carry out many other activities of daily life with ease.

When there is back pain due to any reason, then many difficulties have to be faced in doing those activities. A few years ago today, back pain or back pain was seen only in old people.

Due to inactive lifestyle, work culture, job demand and lack of nutrition, today this problem is being seen more in the youth which includes both boys and girls.

Back pain Kamar Ke Nichle Hisse Me Dard Hona is a common problem. Experts say that if the cause of back pain is not a serious disease, then it can be easily overcome with the help of some special home remedies.

Some key points related to back pain

  • The incidence of low back pain is difficult to predict, as the incidence of first episodes of back pain is higher in early adulthood and symptoms tend to recur over time.
  • As the world’s population is increasing, older people are more likely to experience back pain or lower back pain due to disturbances in the intervertebral discs.
  • Back pain (low back pain) is the leading cause of activity limitation and work absence worldwide, placing a high economic burden on individuals, families, communities, industry and governments.
  • Several studies have been conducted in Europe to evaluate the social and economic impact of low back pain.
  • Lack of vitamin D can also cause back pain.

What is Back Pain

Back bone pain or lower back pain is a very common health problem across the world. It is the main cause of disability that severely affects performance and general well-being at work.

Lower back pain can be acute, subtle or chronic. However, several risk factors have been identified, including occupational posture, depressed mood, obesity, body height and age.

Back pain is not a disease but a group of symptoms. Its early causes are still unclear and difficult to diagnose. Lower back pain affects people of all ages, from children to the elderly and is a very common reason for medical consultation.

Reasons for Back Pain

Back pain occurs due to many reasons. If some precautions are taken keeping in mind its causes, then it can be easily prevented. The main causes of back pain include:-

  • stress can cause back pain
  • Modern technology can cause back pain
  • Sleeping on a soft mattress can cause back pain
  • Wearing high heels for a long time causes back pain
  • Back pain due to weight gain or obesity
  • Lack of calcium in the body causes back pain
  • Sitting in one place for a long time causes back pain
  • Living an inactive lifestyle causes back pain
  • Back pain due to loss of muscle coordination
  • Disturbances in the back cause back pain
  • Back pain due to serious diseases
  • back pain due to gas

01. Stress can cause back pain – 

Experts believe that stress may be the main cause of low back pain. When you are under stress, your muscles get stiff. In such a situation, due to the stiffness of the back muscles (back pain kyu hota hai in hindi), there is pain in your lower back.

If you are always under stress for some reason, then you may have a problem with back pain. To avoid this problem, you should try to stay away from stress.

02. Modern Technology Can Cause Back Pain – 

Today we are surrounded by technology. It is very difficult to do any work or spend our life without mobile or laptop. It is okay to use a mobile or laptop as needed, but spending time sitting in one place for a long time puts pressure on the spine.

Due to pressure on the spinal cord and poor sitting posture, there is pain below the waist (Kamar Ke Niche Dard). To avoid this, you should take care of your posture. At the same time, it should be an effort to take a break for a few minutes after every one hour.

03. Sleeping on a soft mattress can cause back pain-

Sometimes sleeping on a very soft mattress causes strain on the back muscles, which can lead to back pain. If you sleep on a soft mattress, then you should look for an alternative.

04. Wearing high heels for a long time causes back pain-

Wearing high heels for a long time can also cause back pain. If you are troubled by back or back pain, then you should not wear high heel sandals for a few days. You can benefit a lot from this.

05. Weight gain or obesity causes back pain-

Many types of diseases and problems arise due to weight gain or obesity, back pain is also one of them. Due to weight gain, there is more load on the spine, due to which there is back pain.

06. Lack of calcium in the body causes back pain-

The doctor says that due to the lack of calcium in the body, there is a complaint of back pain. In this situation, after consulting a doctor, you should consume things rich in calcium.

07. Sitting in one place for a long time causes back pain-

The problem of back pain also arises due to sitting in one place for a long time. If your back hurts due to sitting for a long time in one place, then you should take a break at some time.

08. Living an inactive lifestyle causes back pain-

More than half of diseases are caused by living an inactive lifestyle. If you adopt an active lifestyle, then more than half of the diseases will not arise and those that have been born will go away. The muscles of the body get stiff due to inactive life. As a result, complaints of back pain arise.

09. Deterioration of muscle coordination causes back pain-

There are about 600 muscles in your body and all are connected to each other. When a problem arises in one muscle, it affects the other muscles. This is the reason why there is pain in the back when the hamstrings are tense or the abdominal muscles are weak.

10. Disturbances in the back cause pain in the back-

A disc is present in the middle of the spinal cord which prevents injury or shock to the spine. But if there is a disturbance in it due to sitting in the wrong posture or due to some reason then the problem of back pain arises. This is the reason why doctors always suggest sitting in the right posture.

11. Back pain occurs due to serious diseases-

Sometimes the cause of back pain can be some serious diseases such as kidney infection, ulcer or pancreatitis, spinal cord infection and osteomyelitis etc. This is the reason why if you have back pain, you should immediately consult a doctor to confirm its exact cause.

Apart from all this, there can be other reasons for back pain as well. Doctors confirm its exact cause with the help of symptoms and tests. After that, the healing process begins.

12. Back pain due to gas-

Sometimes gas also causes back pain. If gas is the cause of your back pain, then after consulting a doctor, you can take gas medicine. Drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning ends the problem of gas. You can try this remedy also.

Home Remedies For Back Pain

If the cause of back pain is not any serious injury or disease, then it can be treated with some special home remedies. Home remedies for back pain include the following:-

01. Treatment of back pain with hot water compress

Light warm water helps to overcome many problems. It is also very beneficial in back pain. Mix salt in lukewarm water and soak the oil in that water and squeeze it out and then compress your waist and back with it.

02. Take 10-15 minutes break every one hour

If your work involves sitting for long hours continuously then you should take a 10-15 minute break every one hour. By doing this, your waist and back muscles get relaxed and the risk of stiffness ends. 

03. Fix Your Posture

Take special care of your posture while sitting in the office, metro, bus, bike or train. Sitting in the right posture improves blood circulation in the body, due to which the risk of muscle stiffness is reduced. Most of the people complain of back pain due to improper sitting posture.

04. Eat a diet rich in calcium-

Lack of calcium in the body can also cause back pain or lower back pain. Calcium deficiency starts in the body after the age of 30-35 years.

05. Consult Doctor

If the cause of back pain is a specific disease, then home remedies will not be of any use. In this situation, you should consult an Orthopedist and get proper treatment on time.

ways to avoid back pain

By implementing some special things in your life, you can easily prevent back pain. Following are the ways to prevent back pain:-

  • sit in the correct posture.
  • avoid lying down for long periods of time.
  • follow a healthy diet chart.
  • Include foods rich in vitamin D in your diet.
  • Drink enough water and juice.
  • Eat green vegetables and fruits.
  • do light exercise daily.
  • Avoid sitting in one place for a long time.
  • Avoid getting up, sitting or sleeping with jerks so that there is no sudden pressure on the waist.
  • Walk for at least 10-20 minutes daily, it strengthens the spine.
  • Use some genuine pain relief oil such as marcogesic oil which is made from natural ingredients and it also does not have any side effects.

Apart from all this, you can massage with  marcogesic oil of your pain affected area every day before sleeping. Also keep in mind that you do not lift any heavy objects suddenly, as this can cause back pain.

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