Maintain your bone health & prevent it from breakdown: follow these habits to ensure the wellness

Maintain your bone health & prevent it from breakdown: follow these habits to ensure the wellness

Those days were gone when people used to suffer from some disease in their old age. In today’s hectic life, 4 out of every 10 people definitely have some problem related to bones. The bones of our body are so weak that even a minor injury can lead to fractures. In such a situation, there is a need to pay attention to the diet and routine in such a way that all the parts of our body get nourished and they remain healthy. For this, it becomes necessary to pay attention to some things.

1. Regular exercise is essential

Exercising strengthens bones and muscles. However, many skinny people, especially women, wonder what they need to exercise? But exercise is necessary for everyone. By doing weight lifting exercises two to four times a week, muscles become strong and bones also remain healthy. Walking, jogging, dancing, going to the gym, climbing stairs, doing yoga or light exercise also strengthens bones.

2. Foods rich in calcium

Bones also become strong by consuming calcium-rich foods throughout life. Adults should consume milk, fish, green vegetables, curd, soybean, tofu etc. It is necessary for everyone to drink milk daily.

3. Vitamin D is essential

Actually, vitamin D is needed for the absorption of calcium in the body. By being in the sun for 20 minutes daily, the body gets the necessary vitamin D. Vitamin D can also be obtained from fish, eggs and some types of grains like salmon. People aged 51- 70 are recommended to consume 400-800 IU of vitamin D daily, but more than 2000 IU of vitamin D can be dangerous for their health.

4. Do not consume alcohol

Don’t drink alcohol. Smoking is also injurious to health. Smoking lowers estrogen levels and alcohol consumption damages bones.

5. Calcium for Bones

Calcium makes bones strong. It repairs the wear and tear in the body. If you consume enough vitamin D, then you can stay away from diseases related to bones. Our bones, teeth and nails are made up of 99 percent calcium. Calcium is also needed by the body for the heartbeat, hormonal system, muscle operation, and brain functioning. Calcium also plays an important role in proper functioning of the nervous system and activation of enzymes.

6. Don’t let there be a shortage of water

Drinking water is the best way to maintain joint health. This supplies abundant synovial fluid to your joints. This fluid acts as a cushion in the space between the bones in a joint.

7. Take care of weight

You must know that the biggest reason for all the diseases related to the knees is the increase in weight. Yes, people who are thin and still have problems with their knees are a different matter, but most of the knee related diseases are due to weight gain. It is very important to maintain it in a healthy range. Being overweight causes knee pain, ankle flexion, back pain and other problems.

8. Diet

Exercise, exercise, yoga, whatever it may be, as long as the food is not right, all these are of no use. Be it a doctor or a dietician, when your health deteriorates, you are given dietary advice first. A nutritious diet not only keeps your knees safe but also gives you the right weight and balanced shape. Rather, it is also helpful in keeping many physical diseases away. Include turmeric in your diet, as it contains curcumin, which prevents joint pain.

9.  A proper routine is essential

You should change your habits for such things which you do every day, and not once, but again and again. If you are troubled by any kind of knee pain, then you have to avoid lifting weights, in which you do not have to wash buckets, clothes, etc. Apart from this, you do not have to stand on the paws to put clothes on. Do not do any work that involves jerking the neck or involves any kind of stretching.

10. Maintain healthy lifestyle

The more you move your bones, the stronger they will be. According to the research & studies, exercising not only strengthens your muscles, but it also strengthens bones. If you want to build strong bones, move your legs instead of lying on the couch all day. Besides all this you should follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The healthy lifestyle has many benefits as well as for your health and for mental peace too.

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